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Apart from Taxi roof lights and infrared seat control systems we offer selected products for you who uses your car for business purposes and appreciate functional, reliable tools that make your every day business more rewarding. Every taxi-tools product offers you an excellent cost-benefit-ratio.

Just like the Carbox.

On the road with a dirty load? No problem.

Dogs, plants, construction or fishing equipment, we have many things to carry. With a carbox you will never have to clean your cars boot ever again. It stays clean and looks new even after years - no matter what is on the road with you.

A Carbox fits your cars boot like a glove. It is available for more than 600 car models. It is built to last and will probably live longer than your car does. And it is absolutly uncomplicated. Easy to put in, easy to get out, even easier to clean. A carbox is an ideal companion for everyone who wants to keep the value of their car and still use it´s full capacity.

You have a question? Just call +49 4639 782 3136. taxi-tools is autorized Carbox retailer and will be happy to hear from you.
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